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SMS Banking

SMS Banking

For any of your Banking enquiries like

  •  Balance Enquiry
  •  Last 3 transactions
  •  Issued/Deposited cheque Status Enquiry
No need to walk-in to a branch,
Just SMS to
Anytime, Anywhere
Type in key-words and send it to 94443-94443


You can receive Mobile Alerts also:
• If Account is Debited/ Credited for Minimum of Rs.5000 or as per your requested amount
• If there is a Cheque bounce in your account

How to avail the service ?

  • Pick a form available at our CBS-branches
  • Fill and submit it at your respective Indian Bank Branch.
  • To avail the Mobile banking service, please tick for Mobile banking in check box and give your mobile number.
  • Your number will be configured for mobile alerts.
  • You will be sent a PIN-Mailer (Password) in seven working days.
  • Kindly acknowledge the PIN and give us 24-48 hours to activate the same.

What is M-PIN (Mobile Banking PIN) ?

  • M-PIN is a four digit password which has to be produced for authentication, every time at SMS Banking.

How do I use SMS Banking?

  • Go to “Menu” of the cell phone, whose mobile number has been configured with us.
  • Select “Messages”, then select, “write messages”, type in the keyword, followed by space, followed by account number, followed a space again and then M-PIN as given in the keyword help depending on the enquiry.
  • Press o.k. and send it to 94443-94443.
  • Once the message is delivered. You will get the information as a SMS.

(For e.g. If the customer wants to know his balance and the customer account number is 989898989 MPIN is 5555. He has to type “BALAVL 989898989 5555” and then send it to 9444394443, after validation the customer will receive the SMS of account Balance outstanding.)

1 BALAVL Balance Enquiry BALAVL <Ac no> <MPIN>
2 LATRAN Last 3 Transacton LATRAN <Ano> <MPIN> LATRAN <MPIN> For defauaccount
3 CHQSTS Issued Cheque status nqury CHQSTS <chq no> <Ac no> <MPIN> CHQSTS <chq no> <MPIN> For defauaccount
4 DCHSTS Deposted Cheque Status Enqury DCHSTS <chq no> <Ac no> <MPIN> DCHSTS <chq no> <MPIN> For defauaccount
6 HELP Hep on How to Use HELP <Code> <MPIN>
Customers are advised to mantain the secrecy of Password/PIN. Your acceptance of the service means acceptance of terms and conditions provided along with the form.
Indian Bank is not liable for non-availability of services due to reasons beyond the controls of the bank

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