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Welfare of Minorities

Welfare of Minorities

Recommendations of Sachar Committee (.pdf)
The “Prime Minister’s new 15 – Point Programme for the welfare of Minorities”

The “Prime Minister’s new 15-point programme for the welfare of Minorities” envisages, interalia, increasing credit flow to the minority communities. It has now been decided by the Govt. of India to step up lending to minorities and to maintain 15% of priority sector lending to Minority Communities


As decided by the Govt. our Bank has submitted specific state-wise annual targets for the year 2014-15 to ensure that priority sector lending to minority communities is maintained at 15%..


The following communities have been notified as minority communities by the Government of India, Ministry of Welfare (RBI/2006-07/52-RPCD No. SP.BC.09/09.10.01/2006-07 dated 05.07.2006) & Ministry of Minority affairs notification; No. 217 dated 27.01.2014:
(a) Sikhs
(b) Muslims
(c) Christians
(d) Zorastrians
(e) Buddhists
(e) Jains
Our Bank has 365 branches in 78 Minority concentration districts.

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