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Processing Fee on Personal Segment Loan Products

Processing Fee on Personal Segment Loan Products

Retail Loan Products – Processing Fee

GST will be recovered separately as all charges prescribed are exclusive of GST

(GST 18% as on date)

Product Name Processing Charges
IB Home Loan to Residents

Home Loan to NRI

IB Home Advantage

IB Plot Loan to NRI


0.40% upto ₹100 lakhs subject to max. of ₹20000.00

0.20% above ₹100 lakhs subject to max.  of ₹50000.00

IB Home Improve

IB Home Loan Plus

IB Home Enrich

Plot Loan to Residents

Repair and Renovation

1.00% on the Loan amount

Min : Rs.5000.00; Max : Rs.15000.00

Home Loan to Corporate Entity 0.25% of the loan amount

Minimum: ₹25,000.00

Maximum: ₹5.00 lakhs

IB Home Loan Combo Concession of 50% applicable processing charges for the following Loan products: Vehicle Loan, IB Clean Loan, IB Pension Loan, IB Home Improve
Ind Mortgage Scheme

Rent Encash

IB Rental

1.00% on the loan amount


IB Reverse Mortgage 0.30% on the loan limit
IB Vehicle Loan (Car) 0.50% on the loan amount. (Max. ₹10000.00)
IB Vehicle Loan (2 Wheeler) 1% on the loan amount
IB Vehicle Loan (Used Car) 1% on the loan amount (max. ₹10000)
Loan for Purchase of “Van / Minibus / Bus / Ambulance” to Institutions / Firms / PSU / Company / Hospitals 1% on the loan amount (max. ₹100000 per loan)
IB Educational Loan – Study In India & Studies Abroad Upto ₹10 lakhs:   Nil

Above ₹10 lakhs: 0.15% max. ₹3000.00

IB Educational Skill Loan

Educational Loans covered under Credit Guarantee Scheme

IB Education Loan Prime

Pre-approved Personal Loan ₹470.00
Clean Salary Loan

Clean Salary Loan Overdraft

For Govt/PSU Employees: Nil

For others: 1.00% on the Loan amount; Maximum : Rs.10000.00

IB Pension Loan Scheme Upto ₹25000: NIL

Above ₹25000: ₹250.00

Jewel Loan (Non-Priority)

OD against Gold Jewels

₹0.50% on loan amount.
Loan against NSC/LIC Bonds Upto ₹ 1 Lakh : Nil

Above ₹ 1 Lakh : ₹ 500.00


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