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Doorstep Banking

Doorstep Banking

  • This facility is offered to full KYC complied customers.
  • Senior citizens of more than 70 years of age, differently abled or infirm persons, including visually impaired persons, can also avail this facility.
Services Offered Exclusively to Senior Citizens & Differently-abled Persons
  • Pickup and Delivery of Cash
  • Pickup of Cheques/Drafts/Instruments for clearing
  • Delivery of Drafts
  • Pickup and delivery of FD/MMD receipts for renewal and payment
  • Pickup and delivery of SB/RD passbooks
  • Pickup of Life Certificate
  • Pick up of KYC Documents
  • Pickup of 15G/15H forms
Charges for Senior Citizens & Differently-abled Persons category
  • Rs. 100/- + GST for financial transactions
  • Rs. 60/- + GST for non-financial transactions

Click Here to view Bank’s Policy on Doorstep Banking 2020-21

PSB Alliance Doorstep Banking

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