INDSME Arogyam

INDSME Arogyam

Applicability a)   Hospitals/Nursing Homes

b)   Manufacturers (both Medical professionals as well as non-medical professionals) of healthcare products.

c)   Manufacturers and suppliers of permitted drugs (including COVID-19 drugs), vaccines, medical oxygen, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, Pulse oximeters, Ventilators, PPEs, Sanitizers, Gloves, Inhalation Masks, etc

d)   Setting up / Expansion of Medical infrastructure such as creating / adding bed capacity, ICU, Medical equipments, Diagonstic centres and Pathology Laboratories etc.   (Setting up / expansion includes construction of concrete building and/or building with GI sheet roofings etc.

e)   Eye centres, ENT centres, Small and Medium size specialty clients like skin clinics, dental clinics, dialysis centres, endoscopy centres, IVF centres, poly clinics, X-ray labs etc.

f)    Logistic firms involved in critical health care supply like Transportation of medical equipments, personnel, Patients etc.

g)   Importers of vaccines and Covid related drugs.

Eligibility ·         Both for existing and new MSME units

·         Udyam Registration Certificate is mandatory.

Purpose a)   To finance qualified medical practitioners for setting up Clinics/ Nursing homes/ Hospitals/ Pathology Labs/ Diagnostic Centre.

b)   For purchase of medical equipment including ancillary equipment

c)   For Expansion/renovation/ modernization of existing hospitals/nursing homes/ clinics.

d)   To provide finance to manufacturers of healthcare products for meeting working capital requirement and acquisition of fixed assets.

e)   To set up Oxygen plant along with power back up for medical use.

f)    To manufacture permitted drugs (including Covid-19 drugs), Vaccines, Ventilators, PPEs, Inhalation masks, ICU Beds etc.

g)   To import Vaccines and Covid related drugs.

h)   To finance logistic firms engaged in healthcare activities, purchase of ambulance vehicle, cryogenic trucks etc.

i)     Financing of Receivables of hospitals empanelled under ABPM-JAY (Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana)

j)     Build-up of current assets like stocking of vaccines, medicines, consumables etc.

Nature of facility a)    Working Capital

b)    Term Loan

c)    Non-fund based (Letter of Credit / Bank Guarantee)

Loan amount Upto Rs.100 Crs (Fund Based+Non Fund Based)
Rate of Interest
For loans 50 Lakhs & above
Combined Internal Rating grade ROI
AAA EBLR + 2.00%

(Presently 8.80% p.a.)

AA+ EBLR + 2.15%

(Presently 8.95% p.a.)

AA EBLR + 2.25%

(Presently 9.05% p.a.)

A EBLR + 2.35%

(Presently 9.15% p.a.)

BBB EBLR + 2.50%

(Presently 9.30% p.a.)

For loans, below Rs.50 Lakhs – EBLR + 0.70% (Presently 7.50%p.a)

Repayment Period
Facility Tenor
Term Loan Maximum 120 Months


a)   moratorium upto 18 Months, if construction is involved

b)   moratorium upto 6 months for others


Working Capital


One year(Renewal on annual basis)
Facility Margin(Promoters Contribution)
Term Loan &

Working Capital

Non Fund Based limits

(cash margin)

10% for LC and Performance Guarantee

25% for Money Guarantee

Processing & other charges
  Loans with limits (FB+NFB)
Nature of charges / fees Upto

Rs. 2 crores

Above Rs. 2 crores & upto Rs. 10 crores Above Rs. 10 crores
Processing charges NIL 0.25% + GST 0.50% + GST
Other Charges & Prepayment charges NIL NIL NIL

Nature of Security Security
Primary for Fund Based limits Hypothecation of assets purchased / created out of loan proceeds
Primary for Non Fund Based limits Hypothecation of assets purchased / created out of loan proceeds + 10% (cash margin)
CGTMSE CGTMSE fee to be borne by the borrower.

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