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IND SME Secure

IND SME Secure

Target Group

  • Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (Manufacturing & Services Sector)


Working Capital Requirements, Purchase of Fixed Assets, Construction of Building etc.

Nature of Facility

  • Working capital in the form of Secured Overdraft / Open Cash Credit / Packing Credit / Bill purchase, etc.
  • Term Loan
  • Non Fund Based facilities: Letter of Credit / Bank Guarantee

Amount of Loan

Minimum Exposure : Above Rs.10.00 Lacs

Maximum Exposure : No Ceiling( For Secured Overdraft, maximum loan amount is Rs 200.00 lakh per borrower)

Margin (Promoter’s Contribution)

  • 25% on Stocks and Book Debts
  • 25% on Plant and Machinery in case of new machines
  • 50% on Plant and Machinery in case of second hand machines
  • *30% on Building construction estimate
  • (* subject to conditions)

Repayment Period

Term Loans – Maximum  repayment period of 15 years.


Primary Security:

Secured OD : Mortgage of immovable property

OCC : Hypothecation of Stocks and Book Debts

TL – Machine / Bldg – Hypothecation / Mortgage of assets created out of the term loan.

LC / BG / IBN / FBN – As per extant guidelines.

Collateral Security:

Secured OD : Hypothecation of stocks & book debts.

Others : MORTGAGE of properties.

Service charges

  • Please refer home page for service charges

Interest Rates

  • Please refer home page for latest interest rates.



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