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Arogya Raksha

Arogya Raksha

Group Health Insurance Policy (By arrangement with M/s. United India Insurance Co. Ltd)

Who is eligible?

  • All A/c holders of Indian Bank

Age Group

  • 18 Years; Maximum: 65 years for Proposer/ Insured Persons except in case of children and renewal age is lifetime and with no medical check-up

Plans Offered

  • Plan A : Self (A/c holder) + Spouse + Two dependent children ( 1+3), Eldest Insured Person aged up to 35 years.
  • Plan B : Self (A/c holder)  + Spouse + Two dependent children ( 1+3), Eldest Insured Person aged above 35 years (Max Entry Age : 65 years).
  • Plan C : Self (A/c holder) + Spouse + Two dependent children + Two Parents of Proposer ( 1+5)  (Max Entry Age : 65 years)
  • Click here for Arogya Raksha – Application Form

Type of Cover

* Mediclaim cover – Floater policy for members of the family covered (i.e. A/c holder, Spouse, 2 *Children & 2 *Parents )
* Personal Accident Death Cover – A/c holder – 100% of Mediclaim Sum Insured (SI), Spouse – 50% of Mediclaim SI and *Children – 25% each of Mediclaim SI subject to the total claim settlement not to exceed eligible/opted sum insured. Parents however not covered.
* Nomination facility available

Sum Assured

* Rs.1 lakh to Rs.10 lakhs. Enhancement allowed only at the time of renewal up to Rs.2 lakhs only.


Please visit our Bank’s Home Page/Net Banking Arogya Raksha Site or contact nearest Indian Bank branch
* Click here for Arogya Raksha – – Premium Rates

Waiting Period

Waiting period of 30 days in the First year for Coverage (except for accident).

Whether Cashless Treatment Available?

Yes, subject to certain conditions and only at the Network Hospitals administered through TPAs.


Renewal allowed on Annual basis with 30 days of Grace Period from the date of expiry of policy.

Tax Benefit

U/s 80 D.

Maternity Expenses

 (Applicable only for
first two childbirth)

Medical expenses up to Rs. (5% of Sum Insured) in respect of female Insured Person above 18 years during the Policy Period for the delivery of a child in a Hospital/Nursing home arising from or traceable to Pregnancy childbirth including normal caesarean section during the Policy Period or for medically required and lawful medical termination of pregnancy.
The hospitalisation expenses in respect of treatment given to the new-born baby in the Hospital as an inpatient for a maximum period of 90 days from the date of its birth shall be covered within the Mother’s Maternity expenses.

Covering for pre-existing diseases

All Pre-existing diseases to get coverage after 36 months of continuous coverage of such insured person.

Loyalty Incentive

Reimbursement expenses incurred towards cost of health check-up up to Rs. (1% of average Sum Insured) of preceding 4 claim-free years for a block of every three claim-free years.

Reimbursement of Expenses – Nepal & Bhutan in INR

For treatment while the insured is away at these places either on holiday or business purposes. Cashless facility however is not offered under this extension

Other terms and conditions

Please refer to Arogya Raksha Policy Scheme features made available in UIIC “Arogya Raksha Portal” or can also be obtained from any of our branches.
* Click here for Arogya Raksha – – Summary of Terms & Conditions 
Click here for Arogya Raksha – – Claim Forms 
Click here for Arogya Raksha – – TPA Details 
* Click here for Arogya Raksha – Detailed Policy Terms & Conditions

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