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Home Loan upto Rs.75.00 lakhs : 9.55%
Home Loans above Rs.75.00 lakhs: 9.75%
Vehicle Loan (Four wheeler - New) : 9.95%
MCLR wef 01/04/2016
Base Rate is 9.65 % p. a. with effect from 07.10.2015
Benchmark Prime Lending Rate is 14.20 % p. a. with effect from 08.06.2015
RBI Guidelines – Display of information – Interest rate range of contracted loans for the past Quarter
Interest Rates on Personal Segment Loan Products
         » Based on Base Rate   » Based on BPLR   
Home-Loan Floating rate / Fixed rate, Plot loan, IB Home Improve, Vehicle Loans, IBA Educational Loan Scheme, IB Bhavishya Prakash, IB Balavidya, Special Home loan, Salary loan, I B Rentencash, Ind Mortgage etc.
Interest rate on SME products Based on Base Rate with effect from 05.12.2014
         » MSME/MSMESLP Interst Rates
Interest rate on Agricultural Products
         » Based on Base Rate   »
Based on BPLR   
All agricultural loans and Agri Structured Products / Schemes, Coffee and tea growers loans, Poultry advances, Farm Mechanization advances, Post Harvest Financing, Gramin Mahila Sowhbagya Scheme (GMSS), Non priority Jewel loans including secured OD against Gold Ornaments, Non Priority staff Jewel loans, Grihalakshmi (Housing Loan to SHG Members), Financing Micro Finance Institutions, SHG Bank Linkage Programme etc.
Interest rate on Export Credit in Foreign Currency
Pre-shipment Credit, Post-shipment Credit, Export Credit Not Otherwise Specified (ECNOS)
Interest rate on Rupee Export Credit
Pre-shipment Credit, Post-shipment Credit
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