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Category Concessions
1. a. Armed forces Personnel

* At par collection of salary/ terminal dues
* Incidental charges for Savings Bank accounts (except charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance).
* Standing instructions / stop payment charges.
* Exchange commission on BPO/ demand drafts. *Collection of outstation cheques
* Issue of MICR/ Non-MICR shall be issued at par.
* At par customer of WILLS.

Out of packet charges will be recovered.

b. Accounts of Armed Forces Public und / Government Fund. All types of service charges shall be waived with recovery of out of pocket and other bank charges only provided concerned Armed Forces Public Fund/ Government Fund maintains account with our Bank.
2. Parliamentary, Ex-servicemen, Central Industrial Security force personnel. Collection of salary / terminal dues at par. At par remittance to family upto Rs.5000/- per month. At par custody of WILLS. One time remittance of school/college fees. Out of pocket expenses are to be recovered.
3. Prime Minister’s Relief Fund/ Chief Minister’s Relief fund. Cheques issued by Government of India in respect of grants made from PM relief fund to State Governments District Magistrate etc., shall be collected at par and credit shall be given at par. Free remittance/ collection facilities are available to CM relief fund also.
4.Religious, Welfare service, charitable institutions. Collection/ remittance facility at par if they exempted from payment of Income Tax under Section 10 of IT Act. Branches should obtain certificates from the institutions and keep on record.
5.Accounts of Government Departments, Ministries. Collection of / remittance at par facility
* if they are accredited to our Bank.
* cheques issued for subsidy under IRDP/ other special programmes
6.Blind physically Handicapped, Disabled Individuals and Institutions set up for their benefit. At par collection of cheques to institutions set up for the benefit of blind/ physically handicapped and disabled individuals. Payment made by these institutions to their beneficiaries by DD/TT may be allowed at par. These institutions should have been exempted from payment of Income Tax under Section 10 of IT Act. For individual accounts, identified by the Branch Manager at the time of opening of accounts, issue of DDs, TTs, MTs may be allowed at par. Out of pocket expenses/postages will be recovered.
7. Educational Institutions No concession for issue of DDs for admission fee for colleges, fees for job applications etc. Salary bills of teachers employed in government run schools may be collected at par and moreover, may also be discounted upto Rs.2500/- per individual. Out of pocket expenses/ postages have to be recovered.
8. Regional Rural Banks. At par remittances of funds from HO to branches and vice versa. Charges for collection of cheques from/ to RRBs at 50:50 basis. For keeping duplicate keys of the branches of RRB sponsored by our Bank, our Bank charges may be waived. Free remittance facility for payment of refinance instalments to NABARD shall be extended only to RRBs sponsored by our bank.
9. Co-operative Banks, Land Development Banks, Service Cooperatives and DRDA. No charges for collection of cheques deposited by DRDA, Farmers’ societies (sponsored by our bank), PAS (banking with us) etc. Postages and out of pocket expenses are recovered.
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