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SHG Bank Linkage Programme - Direct Linkage to SHGs
Purpose / ObjectiveTo provide thrift, credit and other financial services to the poor in all areas enabling them to raise their income levels and standard of living.
EligibilityMember of SHGs.
Amount of Loan* Upto 4 times of the group savings including interest on savings.
* Loan to SHGs should be extended only in the form of Credit limit .
Interest RatesFor Short Term Loan (STL) :
Amount Slab(Rs. in Lakhs) Interest Rate
Upto 2.00 BR+1.50%+TP=12.75%
>2.00 BR+2.50%+TP=13.75%

For Term Loan (TL) :
Amount Slab(in Lakhs) Interest Rate
Upto 2.00 BR+1.50%+TP=13.25%
>2.00 BR+2.50%+TP=14.25%

RepaymentMaximum 60 months depending upon the activity.
SecurityHypothecation of assets wherever created.
* BPLR and BASE RATE - Available in Home Page 

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