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Bonanza for Home Loan and Car Loan Aspirants (for fresh loans)

Festival Offer Period: 20th August, 2009 to 31st March, 2010

Special interest rates: Applicable for the first three years of the Loan Period, besides reduced margin:

Home Loan (Festival Offer- 2009)
Festival Offer Rate of Interest

Home Loans (sanctioned between 20.08.2009 and 31.3.2010) Limits Upto Rs 20 Lakhs Limits above Rs 20 Lakhs & upto Rs 30 Lakhs Limits above Rs 30 Lakhs & upto Rs 50 Lakhs Limits above Rs 50 Lakhs & up to Rs.2 Crore
First 3 years 8.25% (Fixed) 8.50% (Fixed) 9.00% (Fixed) 9.25% (Fixed)
4th year onwards Floating (Home Loan / Plot Loan / Home Improve Loan) rates as per the existing interest structure (prior to the Festival Offer) for the original sanctioned limit & total tenure of Loan.

Margin on Home Loans (for construction or purchase of house / flat):
(Applicable for the Festival Offer period of 20th August 2009 to 31st March 2010)

For Home Loans with limit upto Rs. 30 lakhs : 15 %
For Home Loans with limit above Rs. 30 lakhs : 20 %

Car Loan (Festival Offer - 2009) : For Limits upto Rs. 10 lakh only:
(Applicable for the Festival Offer period of 20th August 2009 to 31st March 2010)

Festival Offer Rate of Interest 10% (Fixed) for repayment upto 3 years 10.25% (Fixed) for repayment > 3 years upto 5 Years

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